32, 34, 3+4=7 apple slices I need to vacuum my car out…

Me, Madre, Mathematician Ali

When I was in college, my mother made me take a “Do you have ADD?” test on the Internet.  Whatever test this was confirmed that I had (have) ADD. This is no shocker. I could have told anyone this. My AP English teacher during my junior year of high school (Shout Out alert – THE Gary Biggers!!!!) told me in front of the whole class I had ADD. It’s no secret.

Now that I am a tad older, I am very much aware of these moments and how to overcome them – if possible. I can multi-task with the best of them, but I have to have lists. I can carry a conversation, but if there is music playing or birds are flying or I smell something…it gets a little dicey. This comes out in my attire as well. Sometimes it takes me so long to focus on what I am actually getting dressed for, that I end up wearing something even I don’t understand.

It's tradition!

My kind-hearted, generous, loving Madre is so thoughtful. She worries. A lot. It’s genetic – started back in the day with Norman Kenneth Hood and Laverne Juanice Rucker Hood. I do not have this worrying DNA. My dad worries but his condition is known as the Silent Worrier. My mom, in her care and concern for my goodwill, bought me a book entitled ADD on the Job: Making Your ADD Work for You. She thought it would helpful considering my lack of focus at times.

I want to make sure y’all got that…

My mom bought me, a young professional woman suffering from the effects of ADD, a BOOK on Attention DEFICIT Disorder. Are you trackin’ with me?

I’m not blaming my mom on this one. I’m blaming the author and publisher and publicist. Who thinks that someone with ADD is going to be able to focus on 224 page book with font as small as the ingredients on a Robitussin bottle?!??? It should at least come as a book-on-tape (or CD…wow, Jourdan welcome to 2000…). But even then, I need to hear and see it. It turns out I am an auditory AND visual learner – rrrruuufff. If Iwas the publicist for this bestseller, I would make it into an interactive workshop – I don’t think I would buy it then, either, I’m just sayin’. I hate/love skits.

Love! (Flowers by Tanya!)

My sister so eloquently tells me in the heat of my ADD moments – “Use your words.”

We represent the CO well!

Being a public speaker with ADD is awesome though. I have to stay focused in front of auditoriums and gyms of students for hours on end. I also had to memorize about seven or eight (or 37) different scripts. I simply did this by reading them aloud and then reciting them aloud – in front of various mirrors – when my roommates were not home. No one needs to be a part of that, but I thank them for going through it with me.

I would absolutely love for the audience to be able to see what goes through my mind while videos are playing and I’m not the one speaking. I know I’m supposed to be focused on the next part of the assembly, but on several occasions the video ends and I realize I am standing on a stage holding a microphone in West Virginia. For the most part, I stay focused. It’s the times where in my mind I am doing my taxes and renewing my gym membership and really I’m talking about how kind words and little acts of kindness can produce huge results.

I am a woman. I think every woman has ADD. As we get older, it gets worse because of more-and-more items on our to-do lists and more-and-more to-do lists to keep straight in our mind. It’s absolutely amazing! I know many, many, MANY incredible women (more specific shout-outs in later blogs) – each one being an administrative assistant, event planner, chef, housekeeper, personal shopper, lover, personal stylist, physcial therapist, mentor, psychologist, tutor, seamstress (mmm…maybe not), motivational speaker, nurse, moderator, coach, chauffer….I could go on and on.  This is why I love each and every one of them. They are each fearfully and wonderfully made! (I want them to KNOW that.) I admire and respect them. I plan on seeking them out for their administrative and psychologist services tomorrow.

They make me “youier.” Much love.

(Fellas, you will receive a proper post in the near future – tell me what I should blog about you.)

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Libby
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 22:54:28

    I just love your posts! You’re such a great writer! And I just love your mom. She is the sweetest lady.
    by the way there is a giveaway on my blog right now… Check it out 🙂


  2. Dad
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 09:15:30

    I agree. You CAN carry a conversation. You do, indeed, have that ability. The problem lies in the point at which your mind ENGAGES a conversation. Of course this dates back to “the incident” with the ringing of the house phone in Garland while you were on your way to see me in the living room. That might be a subject for any addendum to this current blog. Keep up the good work. I believe you have found both a proper format for your thoughts and an encouraging audience.


  3. Mom/Madre
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 19:43:07

    Well, I of course love this blog as well. Thanks for the loving reference to me. I am, indeed, a worrier and getting worse on MY way to being youier! Oh I like that, a youier worrier! I am laughing because I never really thought about that book being difficult. Since you are such an avid reader I guess I always think you are up to reading anything. I especially love the title to this one. You are funny! Love you tons.


  4. Katie
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 15:04:09

    Ahah, I love your title. You are so creative! I think this ADD thing might be just a genetic as the worrying. Think about MY DAD…yowza, he’s a clear cut case. But I think it’s great just to roll with it. I like your book-on-tape idea too. Yeah, tape.


  5. Christen
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 21:12:15

    I for one Jourdan love your ADD and your ADD monents! They make you who you are and give me a good laugh most of the time! As always I do love staying up late reading your blogs and having a great giggle! Im very excited for you and what the Lord has in store after the GREAT news tonight!!
    p.s. Please imagine my ADD when im stading waiting for a DR to come talk to me and when he finally does all I have going though my head is your nurse needs to brush her teeth, or you have a water stain on your ceiling…


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