My life in 365 Days

I should make an addendum to this post stating that instead of 365 days of my life documented, you will see 117…that’s about as good as it gets right now. I forget my camera a lot. I heard that there’s this app on the iPhone for this project – this would be another reason I should get an iPhone, but alas I continue to wait to make this decision.

A wonderful part of this project is that my friends/family members don’t forget their cameras – therefore, I shall hijack some pictures of my life from their Facebook accounts. Don’t judge – it’s better this way. At least you will know that I DO have a life. I’m going to begin listing them by photo # instead of just the date. So this way you WILL see 365 photos, they will not be from 365 consecutive days. I also plan on improving my documenting skills before I have children or a dog (even though I now know, thanks to a recent trip to Breckenridge, what I want my baby nursery to look like…jump ahead much, Jourdan?!)…moving along.

Photo #11 –

Saturday book club at La Baguette!

On this gorgeous Saturday morning, my dear friends and I met for breakfast in Old Colorado City to discuss the controversial book Pagan Christianity. I love that we do this and are able to observe each other massacring a croissant.

Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market!

Photo #12

My friend Amye (the one who would be an FFA President if you could be as a 20-something) wanted to venture over to the Farmer’s Market after our book discussion. We were quite unimpressed with the market due to the fact that all of the veggies looked like they were purchased at Costco that morning and trucked on over to look “fresh and local.” But, we will be back as soon as Colorado produce becomes alive and kickin’.

Love this place! I believe they open at 8 AM on Saturday mornings.



Photo #13

I went on a hike up to the Palmer Lake Reservoirs and found this beautiful symbol of Colorful Colorado!

The State Flower of Colorado

This would be a Columbine – the state flower of CO. It was a great day for a hike and I certainly enjoyed the conversation with my dear friend Caitlin. She’s training for a marathon…I am not.

Again, felt like a slacker. So I took another picture on the way back down.

Photo #14 –

If I had a better camera, you could see that there is a gorgeous pasture and this random rock that Caitlin and I decided we need to climb off in the distance.

Believe me, it’s there. But for now, enjoy the decidiuous trees in the foreground.

I love this hike! I was able to hike up there again with my “twin” Christen and her family – some of the greatest people I know. If anyone wants to go again – I’d love to go with you!



Photo #15 – This was taken by a mother of a young gentleman that didn’t end up coming to a benefit breakfast for the Youth in the Arts Foundation here in Colorado Springs. She wanted him to know that there are young, intelligent, beautiful, professional, fun-loving women that take part in local cultural experiences benefitting the future of our great nation…She may not have said that in as many words, but I know it’s how she felt.

Loved experiencing this with y'all!

This beautiful and energetic 8-year-old named Noah shared how he hopes to be the first NHL player to sing the National Anthem at his own home game. He was absolutely fantastic!

He came over and stood in-between Sara and I and sang the Children’s Chorale song “Dream A Dream.” I may have choked up a little. He had a milk mustache and sang with such gusto and form, I couldn’t help but support the cause! That and the Youth Symphony’s first song was a John Williams classic…Loved it!

Thank you Tanya for sponsoring a table for us to be a part of!


Photo #16 – I went home for a quick trip to share with the 7th-12th grade girls in the FBC Youth Ministry and to celebrate a belated Father’s Day. What an incredible group of young women!! I had so much fun getting to know them even briefly.

Christmas Card 2010

On Saturday, the fam and I took a day trip to Canadian to honor a belated Father’s Day. I sure hope to move out there sometime in my life. The rolling hills and trees just pull you in!

We were able to drive around Pampa and see Dad’s ole stomping grounds – God bless ’em. It was a great day spent together sharing stories and delicious food from the Cattle Exchange!



Photo #17 –


I took this picture on the way home from DIA after I flew back from Texas.

How incredible is this!?!!? So incredible that I’m including several close-ups.

I love them all!

Photo #18 –

So glad I arrived at DIA at this perfect time!

Majestic – truly majestic!

I mean really!??!



Photo #19 – to the right

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of all time! All the different layers and brilliance of light and I love clouds! Everything just came together. I love moments like this!



Oh, I almost forgot…the video – Me vs The Jalapeno…
Enjoy this very “youier” moment!
The beggining of this project…

So, Friday before last I started this project to take a picture a day for a year. I was encouraged by dear friends Tate and Danielle Barrett (mainly Danielle) who started this a couple of weeks ago. The purpose is to document your life for a year – a picture a day. I’ve done a pretty good job of taking pictures, just a horrible job of posting them. Here is the chronicling of my life so far – thrilling, I tell you.   

Day #1 Friday, June 4th   


This was all I caught of a beautiful sunset off my balcony. Love the colors here in Colorful Colorado!   

Day #2 Saturday, June 5th   


 This is my 13-year-old cousin Andrew Jesus (Hay-sus) Armandariz O’Dell at bat on the right. I attended a doubleheader. Andy and his teammates (the boys of Byers) beat the Pirates 1 game and let the Pirates win one the next time around.   

It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun cheering him and the other pre-pubescent young men on. (I loved listening to their ever-changing voices.) My aunt and uncle and Tammy and her father enjoyed the day as well. With no restrooms at the complex, we were able to make a trip to the 7-Eleven and enjoy a Slurpee. Perfect!   

Also, for those of you who know The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond), you know her husband Marlboro Man. Well, his twin attended the ballgame as well. I went ahead a took a picture of him – mainly because my aunt said I had to and I knew that those of you who know who he is would want to see the resemblance. Of course – anytime!  

It's a glass rack!

Day #3 – Sunday, June 6th
My roommate (the Wendy Palatinus) and I hung her handcrafted glass rack a la Mr. Palatinus (Wendy’s father). It’s beautiful! Wendy was hanging this on her own when I arrived home. I’m not sure, but I do believe she desparately needed my help.
Glad I could – it’s a great addition to the kitchen!





Christy and Amber canning! We can can!


Day #4, Monday, June 7th – 

My friend (and co-worker) Christy hosted a canning party! How cool is that?!?? We canned Pumpkin Butter. I have not opened mine yet. I plan on keeping it canned until the fall – that’s the point right? We’ve come to the conclusion that we need to know how to do things like canning, gardening, sewing, etc. I mean I have to sew my future children’s halloween costumes – I just have to!   

We must be renaissance women! We must!  Christy is part of the website group called House Party and she got all of this free stuff from Ball Jars including an incredibly large stock pot and jars and coupons just for hosting the party. We felt very thrifty!  

And she made these delicious S’mores cookies – a recipe by Martha Stewart. Gooey oatmeal cookies with a Hershey brick and marshmallow. I had four…moving on.  




Day #5, Tuesday, June 8th   


 It was a absolutely thrilling day…This is a picture of me at my desk. Which, I updated today in fact with a FANTASTIC ergonomically correct brown leather desk chair, a laptop stand and a wireless keyboard and mouse. I’m in workplace heaven beginning today.   

But here I was with my creepy long, skinny fingers. Fortunately they aren’t in their double-jointed stance. That would be really crazy!   

Day #6, Wednesday, June 9th   

I took a picture with my friend Lindsey Hostetler at Chick-Fil-A, but it was so horrible of me that I am not posting it. Nope. Nope. Nope. (Lindsey looked great though!)   

Day #7, Thursday, June 10th   

Tall and Short of It

My dear friend Melanie and I realized that the top of my leg is the middle of her rib cage. How special! I love this woman and her heart and her stories and her intelligence and her love for her husband and baby girl – but this solidifies that she and I will never share clothes. The word petite will never be in my wardrobe – unless I am going for the “cropped” effect.  

Day #8, Friday, June 11th  

I did not take a picture on Friday. I worked, went home to put together a bag for the weekend and headed to Skyway to take care of a dog, cat, and guinea pig. I stayed in and watched…thehannahmontanamovie. Okay, it was a low point. But Saturday picked up as you will see below.  

We're organic!


Day #9, Saturday, June 12th  

Saturday was a great day – so much fun with friends despite the fall/early winter like weather here in Colorado. Four of us – Caitlin (our devoted driver), Amye (who should have been in FFA in high school), and Amy Jo (my city girl that would rather be wearing stilleto boots than trucking through hay and mud), and myself went up to Fort Collins to visit Grant Family Farms.  

Amye and Caitlin are taking part in a farm share this summer and we went on a Tour of the farmland led by Mike. Amye would like to go on another Tour led by Mike in the near future without everyone else.  

It was a wonderful little road trip topped off by BeauJo’s Pizza in downtown Fort Collins – delish! I love weekends with my dear friends – oh, I should add a disclaimer to this photo…Due to the rain and cold temperatures we are layered up and carrying several items (phones, cameras, wallets, gloves, etc.) in our pockets – none of us are preggers or retaining water. Thank you for your understanding spirit!  

The Garden

 Day #10, Sunday, June 13th 

I was on my way to visit Uncle Jack and Aunt Brenda and pulled over at the Lookout to take this pic.  

I love that I live in a place where I can see this every single day. The Creator at His best.  

If you come visit, we can go here.  

You should come visit.  

I mean – I’m here, this is here, lack of humidity is here…I’m here…just sayin’.  

Okay – that’s it for now. I promise I will be better at posting. I have a video that I’m keeping for that perfect time. Anticipation – I know, it’s painful. The video is definitely a “youier” moment. Love!  




6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katie
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 20:47:45

    I love this idea! It was fun to see some “youie” life moments. You should take some food pictures… 🙂


  2. Amye
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 18:36:13

    I just love you oh so much. I would have so been in the FFA. And yes, I believe that Mike the farmer is my soulmate.


  3. Jules
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 20:58:49

    Love it! I saw an iPhone app for this – are you using that? You might just inspire me! I’m excited for the photos you will take on or around the sixth seventh and/or eighth days of august!!! 🙂

    I esp love June 13th – omg Garden of the Gods is MY FAV. I was in CO last week for like 2.5 seconds to help my parents move and didn’t even get to drive through! I hope I make it back this summer and have time to do that AND call you my friend!

    Love ya!


  4. Sara
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 14:40:23

    Jordan–I have missed this sense of humor drastically since high school and those key “out of the blue” moments we have run into each other since then. Your blog is fantastic!!! I aspire to do something like this someday–the catch–I don’t even know how to start blogging haha. I’m afraid technology is taking me under at a “young” age–I think we still qualify as somewhat young right? Anyhow, keep it up–Love Love it!


    • Jourdan M. Foran
      Jul 13, 2010 @ 15:02:32

      Thank you so much Sara!!! I definitely enjoy it, but you’ll see by the lack of bells and whistles that I’m not that sure of the whole web-design blogging thing early…and we are most definitely still young! Hope you are doing well – please keep in touch!


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