A case of the blahs

I have a case of the unexplainable blahs today, so I thought I would list off some of my favorite things to make me and, hopefully, fellow blah-ers feel better. (For those of you having a great day, let this make your day even greater!) I also ate a gar-gan-chu-un amount of veggies at lunch from Whole Foods and drank a Kombucha Wonder Drink and I believe that all of this is lifting my spirits. Happy Friday!

  • I love chubby babies…their hands, feet, lack of knees, abundance of rolls, creases. I love it and it makes me want to hold them even more!
  • The smells of Colorado – I’m not sure if it’s all of the pine trees mixed with the fresh air and sage and lavender…plus the fact that the winds off of the Rockies will sweep any gross smells out east. Sorry flatlanders! (I also love Texas smells, but they are in a completely different category than Colorado smells.)
  • V-neck t-shirts. My collarbones and decolatage (love that word) get the chance to breathe!
  • Photography blogs…can’t get enough of them! Check out Lauren Clark, Chad and Tressie Zellner, Brooke Ogilvie, and Erin Woolsey, just to start. There are so many incredible photographers out there!
  • Almond Milk – it’s changed my life.
  • Paisley, the pattern. I almost bought 4 beach towels at TJ Maxx because they were paisley. I don’t need them (well, maybe I need one), but it was soooo hard to walk away.
  • Jewel tones – They warm up anything, I look good in them, and you can find anything in a gorgeous jewel tone.
  • Wide tree-lined streets.
  • Unexpected conversations that make your day. I also love kitchens for this reason. I feel like so many impromptu life-giving conversations happen in kitchens.
  • Hammocks (hanging between trees or on a stand)…sure wish we could find the one my sister brought me from Guatemala. Someone put it in a “safe spot.”
  • When you and someone share a look and you can completely read their mind and it just so happens it was exactly what you were thinking too! This is great at awkward dinner parties.
  • That my family is affectionate and my dad still tickles me and my sister until we can’t breathe.
  • My grandma’s hands.
  • Room temperature drinking water.

Wow – I do feel better! And the best part is this list could go on and on. Tell me some of your favorite things! It will make your day better.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 14:51:47

    Well, I would add the laughter of our family, Thanksgiving in Glorieta, the imaginative Native American play of all of the cousins in the trees of Bruce Spruce Ranch-pretty much everything about the cousins at the Bruce Spruce Ranch, The Bay Street Company in Breckenridge, road trips with you, Ali and Dad, and painting together at the Hoods on our vacation. More to come!


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