Skinny Days

Special note: Contributing editor – Christen (My Twin, I am her pregnancy barometer for whatever reason – I have informed her she is WAY ahead of me on that track, considering the prescence of her incredible hubster, Ron…she moved to CO to TX, I moved from TX to CO…could go on and on.)

We all have them. I love them and loathe them. Fat days and skinny days. We can label a day from the start as “This is a fat day.” or “Man, I look skinny today!”  Women – we have our fat pants. I love fat pants, but they are so misleading. I always have the tendency of eating more when I’m in my fat pants, which leads to them becoming my regular pants. This pattern, however, is breaking – go me! Guys – I’m not sure if you are even aware of your fat and skinny days. If you have these – how do you deal?

The most interesting part about skinny days is that, on those days, I don’t tend to exercise nearly as hard. On skinny days, I may not even go to the gym. I feel skinny and feel that I look great in my outfit, so therefore, I should go out for dinner and celebrate this moment. On skinny days, I skip the gym because I feel no need to work off any calories because I already feel skinny.

Now, on fat days, I want/need/must work off as many calories as humanly possible on the elliptical or on a hike, walk, run up the stairs, ab exercises in my desk chair, long walk around Target, whatever works – right? I feel fat and want to do whatever is possible to lessen that feeling.

Craziest part is, if I would work out consistently, like I do on fat days, and eat healthier, like I do on fat days, then my skinny days would probably take place more and more often, because I would actually be skinnier. (Now, I’m not saying that skinnier people don’t have fat days. I know they do.) But, why do I do this to myself?!? –  I feel skinnnny!!!! Wooo!!! (Now, I will blow off all healthy aspects of my life for the next 24-48 hours and be counter-productive towards anything that caused me to feel skinny.) I feel fat. Blech. (Now, I will go full-steam-ahead and knock over anyone in my path that might take the elliptical away. I will also only fill my stomach with water, bell peppers, and greek yogurt.)

This is a horrible pattern.

Contributing Editor Christen and I were talking about this the other day. She was sharing with me moments in life where it’s all going well, so you just know God is good, and take it as such and go on your merry way. In those moments, because things are just how you hoped they would be, you don’t see the need to strengthen anything or batten down the hatches (Is this a shipping reference or hurricane precautionary task? I’ve never quite understood it.) Christen and I were saying that we definitely take the “skinny” feeling for granted in a way.

On those “fat days” in our spiritual life, when it seems that every single part of your life is being attacked, even the parts that you naively thought weren’t so important, you try to cram as much scripture and prayer and godly wisdom into your life as you possibly can. Again, not that this is a negative reaction, really, but what were we doing on those other days? What was the driving force on those “skinny” days that caused us to be overwhelmed on the “fat” days? Those days that we think we just aren’t good enough. Those days we need to start over before we even brush our teeth (if we brush our teeth at all that morning) – you know what I mean?

Skinny days and fat days can run our emotions, which then runs our stress level, which then runs our physiological reaction, which then reveals whether we are having an actual fat day or a skinny day. It’s a ridiculously cyclical cycle! The consistency and yet inconsistency of it kills – just like curiosity traffic in Colorado…(Please note that I have no scientific backing to prove this – just my own life experience.) What I do know is that when I just start sailing through life because it’s going so well and kind of forgetting Who is allowing it to be this good,I sense the Enemy saying – ‘Watch this!’ It makes me feel fat all of a sudden.

But! I know Who is able and gives me the abilities to be capable as well. I also know that in those moments that I feel confident (skinny), I need to realize where that is coming from and stow that Truth away. Because I know, you know, we all know, that these skinny days are priceless! (Should be in a MasterCard commercial – any advertising geniuses out there?!)

Let’s look for where consistency and Truth lie. The Truth sets us free – and man, being able to release certain strongholds, it’s not easy, but makes all the difference in the world – you feel lighter, aka skinnier! Just another life lesson being learned by someone becoming “youier.”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katie
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 18:24:55

    I think I have skinny and fat hours…I work myself into that crazy cycle on a moment by moment basis sometimes! I need to look for the consistent truth!! Thanks for the great thoughts as always, cuz.


  2. Mom
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 18:51:52

    Jo (and Christen), I love this blog! It is so very insightful. I am going to make a copy and keep it in my office as a reminder. So thankful for your friendship.


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