Car-Go and the Rockies…and baseball.

I’m going to a baseball game this weekend that is honoring firemen on 9/11. Two of my dreamworlds – baseball and firefighters – will collide on Saturday night. I may die. Not swoon, not have heart palpitations, not stutter, just die. But it will be the most wonderful death because firemen in their navy blue fitted t-shirts will be there trying to save me. Let’s just hope they don’t have mustaches. 

I will also get to see these home skillets do their thing. 

Numero Uno – the Venezuelan – Carlos Gonzalez 

Jourdan! I love you!

Like I told my friend Lindsey, who may or may not have a thing (by thing, I mean mad crush that causes her mind to stall) for this dimples-that-make-me-gasp Triple Crown contender, he could read an Instruction Manual for shelving units and I would wilt. And he keeps winning ballgames for the Rox. He really is a win-win! 

I feel that in this photo he’s saying, “Jourdan! I love you!!! Why are you not at the game?!?” And I would answer, if you can answer a JPEG image – “Because I live in actual reality!” 

Couldn't pick between the two.

And then he would wake up.  

Ah, yes, reality – isn’t it bliss? I. Love. It. 

Speaking of reality – I would make him take out whatever kind of “dip” is in his mouth, because, well, that just wouldn’t work. It takes away from the jaawliiine. A previous #5 on the Rockies also had a jaawliiine, his name rhymes with Pat Frolliday. 

Number Two – Troy “Tulo-Git” Tulowitzki 

If you’ve known me for any amount of time at all, you know that Tulo, well, I’m a fan. I used to call him Twix, but now I just chant with everyone else – “Tulo!” – because the thrill isn’t there anymore.  

I met him once. I could tell you about it, but then all of these emotions about being the opposite of petite, and never being a Broncos Cheerleader, or even wanting to be a Broncos Cheerleader, and my constant lack of timing tend to surface and then it’s just a rough patch for a few days. Only chips, salsa, and Diet Dr. Pepper, and pretzels and peanut butter, and grapes help. 

When this crush started in 2005, he looked like this. 

Hey! Jourdan! Heyyyyy!!!

He was always really excited to see me! – ‘Jourdan! Heyyy! Wooo! We did it!!! Jourdan!’ 

Hahahaha – this picture is hilarious. I had to use it. (Humor me for a moment). This reminds me of the scene in Elf – ‘Santa! I know him!’ His gloves look like Mickey Mouse gloves – So innocent and joyful and thrilled to be alive. That’s what the gloves represent. Let’s see, what else…Oh yes, this time I am the one to come back down to Earth. 

Reality bites sometimes. 

Currently though, he is growing a mullet. Mind you it’s all for charity. 

He looks like this. 


Therefore the feelings have lessened. (Is that past present tense? I always got in trouble for that junior year of high school.) It’s just scary! The hair, that is, and his expression, and MLA format. I can’t imagine what could possibly have happened to evoke such emotion from the same guy who wears Mickey Mouse gloves!


Anyway, meh. Glad that’s over.

Onward to Joe Mauer – holla holla! Any Twins fans out there? No? Maybe? Shout out to Minnesotans!


Hope you enjoyed my lighthearted look at baseball and why it is my favorite American pastime! Thank you for letting me share how I’m becoming “youier.” By the way, I am still doing Project 365, but all through my iPhone. I am posting them on Facebook and Twitter. I haven’t slacked off, I promise!  


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joshua O'Dell
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 21:30:19

    I like you. You’re funny.


  2. Mom
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 19:43:53

    You make me laugh, too!


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