Courtesy and Intrigue

There is one of the most intriguing people that works at the King Soopers by my house. (That sentence sounds weird grammatically, but alas I don’t have an editor or edit, so it will stay that way.) He is a cashier and has naturally strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, but dyes the hair on top of his head jet black. He makes ridiculously good eye contact when he talks to you…almost uncomfortably so, but not quite. He has a very large tattoo of a cross on the inside of his right forearm and a great way with people…and words.

Here’s what happened.

I walked up to the checkout counter, normally I do the self checkout, but two nights ago I thought I would interact with human beings for once. It was a sign! I set my ridiculously heavy basket down on the ledge – so, I went in for fruit and walked out with a Value-Size box of Grape Nuts. That alone weighs in at a good 7 pounds…anyway, I chose this counter because….intriguing man was working! He is talking to a soldier about how to use the King Soopers card and where the gas stations are that accept the credits you earn by using the card, etc., etc., etcetera (The King and I – anyone?).

I stand there staring at the cover of the latest Star Magazine that says Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” is on drugs and Brad Pitt is caught in another cheating scandal. And we wonder…

Intriguing Man (don’t know his name because I haven’t taken the time to glance down at the nametage) snaps me back to reality with “Hi!” I say hi back and smile big so excited that he seems excited to see me! Then this happens…

I.M.: Hey, you might want to flick your tooth because you have a little something in it.
Me: …………………………Flatline……………..immediately put a finger against whatever tooth I can find until he verbally guides me to the right one.
I.M.: No, further right, nope one over, yep, got it.
Me: Thank you so much! (I glance down at whatever was in my tooth – why do we do this by the way? – and see that it’s a huge piece of cilantro! I ate cilantro at 2:00 in my Chipotle salad. It is now 7:45!!!!! I a huge piece of green something in my teeth for nearly 6 hours! Apparently I don’t look at myself in a mirror nearly as often as I should. I shall take up this hobby. Back to the convo.)

I.M.: No problem – I just didn’t want it to ruin your great smile.

Me: Hhugmphh. (My finger was still in my mouth, or else I definitely could have come up with a response. Definitely.)

We then proceed to laugh about the balancing act I performed when I put the basket full of Grape Nuts, Almond Milk, granola, greek yogurt, vitamin water and bananas on the ledge (I sound very healthy in this sentence). He gave me a hard time for putting the Grape Nuts and milk on the same side of the basket and the close-call that could have ensued had he not been so with-it. Basically, the basket would have fallen and he would have lost his right foot.  I, of course, had not thought of the physics in that decision. (All I remember from Physics is my friends Jamie, Danielle, and I soaking our acrylic nails in Acetone trying to get them to come off after prom weekend. Honor. Student.)

Anyway, he hands me my coupons and hopes I have a great night and thanks me for coming in. The ENTIRE time I am practicing my ventriloquist act by talking without actually opening my mouth. SIX HOURS!!! Cilantro in between my right front tooth and the tooth next to that…Thank you I.M. for taking care of me and being so non-chalant – I can’t wait to meet again!


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  1. Katie
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 10:54:43

    I love it when I meet good check-out people at King Soopers! I had a very interesting checker at my King Soopers in Boulder that always told me I looked like a movie star. He was big and tall and his name was John. I would stand in a ridiculously long line just to talk with him. And now we are facebook friends…it’s kind of hilarious.

    Anyway, sorry about the cilantro situation. I totally would have said something if I saw you! (Also, maybe it wasn’t there the whole 6 hours. Maybe it just worked it’s way to the front of your mouth as the day went on. You can hope. :-))


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