Mission Emmanuel

Hi everyone – I blog. Sometimes. Poor consistency as of late. Again, my apologies. Below is an article I just wrote about our trip to the Dominican Republic in March, which was in fact the last time I posted. Holey moley. My apologies, again. It was an incredible time, with so much more to it than this 400-word article could include. I’ll add more later on. I do have updates. Love to each of you!

Beauty of His Presence –

The moment we pulled onto Mission Emmanuel’s property, I sensed the oasis around us. The view from the cluster of bamboo trees opened over a lush, green floodplain in the midst of a crowded, busy, and festive city. The breeze whipped through as the sun beamed down on our eager faces. And then, we heard the music. As we walked down to the open-air sanctuary, the Lord’s name was being exalted over all that was around us. Our time in the Dominican Republic was already rich with blessings. There was so much more to come.

Mission Emmanuel, located in Santo Domingo, D.R., welcomed us with open arms. Their team of pastors, translators, and employees expressed God’s gifts of grace and provision from the moment we arrived at the airport to our final evening together. Marcus, our patient and understanding mason, taught a bunch of enthusiastic young adults singing Top 40 Hits how to lay a foundation of cement and rubble, and worked tirelessly to continue the construction of Ana’s house. The women of the Co-op came back the second day, after an awkward first day together involving language barriers and my own heightened expectations. Our translator on that second day, Rosa, brought so much light and understanding to our conversations. We were able to pray with the women and sing and enjoy each other’s company, all while teaching them how to make jewelry to financially support themselves.

During the week, we sang “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. (View the video below. Totally want to play this song on my cello.)


I experienced the truth of these words during our visit to the leprosarium. We knew that the type of leprosy the residents had was not contagious, but many of them were abandoned by their families anyway. Honestly, we had no idea what to expect, but the grace of the Lord overflowed once again. During our visit, we hugged each other, wrapped arms around shoulders, and rested hands on knees. I’ll never forget Julia, one of the residents, clapping and smiling with deteriorating hands and feet as we sang, “You make beautiful things out of us.” Those deemed untouchable, were in fact embracing us with the love of Christ.

Please pray that the Lord’s beauty is seen by those that continue to serve alongside Mission Emmanuel and those served through them.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Boogie
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 20:46:42

    So grateful you had the opportunity to experience God’s love firsthand! So glad you want to go!


  2. Emily
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 10:03:42

    wow, Jourdan, WOW! Such encouraging words & a beautiful song! I totally forgot that you play the cello!


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