Are you “mentor” be? (Get it? No? Ok.)

Quick post –

It’s summertime. I love summer. Always have, always will. I love it for the change in wardrobe. I love it for the change of pace. I love it for the smells and colors and sounds. I love it cause college kids are home.

This summer I’m helping lead a girls Bible Study for college-aged women. I absolutely love it. I love seeing their bright and exuberant faces every week. I love hearing their pure, true hearts focused on wanting what God has in store for them. I love their youthful tendencies – for instance, making Harry Potter sugar cookies and giggling and experiencing returning home after being on your own for nine months. (Okay, so maybe those aren’t so college-like. Plenty of well-meaning 27-year-old young professionals act this way too. Except, instead of addiction to Harry Potter, it’s addiction to, say, Friday Night Lights. No Tim Riggins sugar cookies though…)

It truly reminds me of the importance of personal growth and reflection and how much I looked up to the older women that served in the college ministry at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church and during my time in the FBC Youth Group. These women helped shape me into the good parts of who I am today. My 7th grade Sunday School Teacher, Kandi Nelson, gave me a copy of The Message. My 8th Grade Disciple Now Leader, Jamie Dudley Allen, is someone I continue to look-up to even if it is over Facebook. She taught me so much about being a confident, independent, and loving young woman of God. I’ll never forget the fender bender we got into on our way to Buns Over Texas after Sunday night church. Such great memories! My mentor in college, Lori Greer Redfearn, and I waking up way too early in the morning to run and the journal she gave me bathed in scriptures. The women in the Beth Moore Bible Studies at the Simpson household. And the amazing Woodmen Valley Bible Study group that I am so fortunate to be a part of. You’ve listened well and encouraged and challenged even better!

And don’t forget the men who have done the same – Kevin Weiser, Don Vanderslice, Howie Batson, Bradley Graham, Bradley Maybin, Francis Chan, Jerry Hendrix, Jerris Duncan, Matt Chandler, Chris Sammons, Paul Matthies, Matt Heard, Jim Singleton…pastors, youth ministers, Sunday School teachers, camp pastors, Bible Study leaders, college ministers, BSM/Missions directors. All of these men invested time and their gifts to inspire and encourage and challenge me for growth and stretching. Looking at this list, wow! So many incredible people!!

I strongly encourage you to feed into the lives of others. Give Life, with a capital “L”, to those around you. It truly is part of our job here on Earth, as well as, one of the most validating positions we can ever take as a someone maturing and being strengthened. Go out and share that!


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  1. Mom
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 06:43:36

    I, too, am grateful for these people in your life. I am so glad that you are spending time with these young ladies in your Bible study and trying to make a difference for them. Love you!


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