Hwhat is it…Rugby, driving, and Anthropologie.

Hwhat is it hwith people being unable to merge onto a highway?!? I think there should be an (optional to non-optional) driver refresher course every 10-15 years. Sponsored by your car insurance company and the highway patrol of your great state. Saw a near pile-up this morning on the on-ramp due to a Jeep Grand Cherokee’s inability to merge left. It’s not an art form. The definition of merge (verb): to combine, blend, or unite gradually. It sounds so smooth and calm.

So much angst...and leg. Just like the on-ramp of a highway!

Maybe the real answer is to change the term in regards to driving. Instead of merge, how about a rugby term – ruck, scrum, mulligrubber, blood bin? Blood bin might be a bit much, but I do feel like I’m in the midst of a rugby match sometimes when I’m in the merge scrum lane. See! It totally works.

Hwhy oh hwhy is it that when you choose a locker at the gym, it just so happens to be directly next to the woman who just came out of the pool or the sauna or the steam shower and doesn’t like wearing a towel and can’t seem to get to her clothes without touching you and she leaves wet footprints? Hwhy?

Hwhy did Nissan invent a feature in the Maxima that allows it to lock itself when you get out of the car, while it’s running? I understand if you are driving, but if the keys are in the ignition, it’s in park, and the car is on, what’s the purpose? Grateful for my spare key in my dresser drawer and that I was simply at the mailbox when this occurred.

(High F note for an alto) Aaaahhhhhhh!

Hwhen will Anthropologie realize that I love them, but my responsible sense of purchasing (hahahaha…) doesn’t allow for a $68 navy blue and white striped long tanktop? Oh how I love browsing through that store though. The creativity astounds me. It truly is the mothership calling me home.

Hwhat is is with the h’s before What, when, why, etc., you may ask? Well, at 28 years old, I was informed I have a sort of speech impediment hwhere I make a noticeable h-sound before words that begin with “wh”. For those of you who’ve seen the Family Guy “Cool H-whip” sketch, welcome to my world. Just add it to the list of idiosyncrasies I’ve obtained over the years.

Happy Thursday to you all! I’m hoping it snows as much as they are forecasting. We need it! (And I’d appreciate a snow day.)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katie
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 17:35:50

    I love you and your speech impediment (which I have never noticed!) – and would totally like to lose myself in Anthropologie for a day…or five.


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